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Facit AB (Sweden)


CM 2-13

Serial Number



Length 210mm, Width 180mm, Height 160mm 


Facit AB CM 2-13 Calculating Machine


This Calculating Machine was introduced by FACIT in about 1940. The machine incorporates a barrel-type mechanical design with a 'ten-key' keyboard consisting of numbers labelled 0 to 9. The machine carries three registers, the product register (register for showing the results of additions) on the top left, the multiplier register on the top right and the 13-digit setting register on the bottom left. The setting register is fed by the ten-key keyboard at the bottom. Each number is typed on the keyboard, digit by digit, and the setting register moves one space to the left each time a digit is entered. The main handle and the setting register clearance handle are at the right, as usual, and the three red-coloured keys situated next to the ten-key keyboard are for controlling the carriage movement. This ten-key machine allows very simple touch operation, but necessitates a zero being entered wherever it is required. On the other hand, ten-key machines tend to be smaller and lighter than their full-keyboard competitors. The machine provides the provision for all four arithmetic operations to take place, namely addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. 

History & comments

The Facit calculating machine has perhaps been, in the past, the second most widely applied arithmetic instrument, with the Brunsviga being the first.


In a container



  • There are two Facit AB CM 2-13 machines in the collection
  • Catalogued by T. Ko
  • Updated by F. Pall


Manufactured in 1940 (approx.). Catalogued in 1997

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