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Wild, Heerbrugg, Switzerland



Serial Number



145 x 145 x 250 mm



The instrument is a repetition micrometer theodolite with a liquid compensator for the vertical circle readings. The circles are graduated a 1 degree intervals. The graduation interval of the micrometer is 20". The circle readings can be estimated to 5".

The theodolite features two independent cylindrical axes (to allow repetition measurements of horizontal angles). There is only one illumination mirror for the horizontal and vertical circles.

The optical plummet is built into the alidade (upper part of the theodolite). The instrument has a detachable tribrach for forced centring purposes with other equipment.

The magnification of the telescope is 27 x and the minimum focus 1.3 m. The instrument's centre is marked on top of the telescope.

Weights: Instrument 4.85 kg, container 1.7 kg.

Artificial illumination of circles and crosshairs is possible with optional attachments (lights, battery).

The Wild T1A is a further development of the Wild T1 shown in item 0214. The T1A has a vertical circle compensator whereas the T1 had an altitude bubble.

History & comments

Manufactured after 1962( ?)


In metal container: 168 mm diameter, 330 mm high


rusty container, some paint damage on instrument


The instrument was donated by Bill Rein, Surveyor, Balgowlah NSW, in April 2012.


Catalogued on 16 Sep 2014 by JMR. Colour photo by JMR.

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