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Kern & Co, Aarau, Switzerland


Traversing Targets (Set of 2), Part of 'PZ' traversing equipment

Serial Number



Targets: 55 mm diameter, 210 mm high


Kern Traversing Target Set


Traversing targets (set of 2, nominal target height = 160 mm, numbered '10B' and '1') with three levelling screws, optical plummet (rotating with target) and plate level.

Engraved: Kern Aarau Suisse Switzerland. The targets are numbered '11' and '11A'.

The wooden box contains two targets, two plates with the KERN centring system on top (Nos. '8C' and '9G') and a female 16 mm diameter centring thread underneath. The latter allows attachment on titlting plate trivets (see 0241) and tilting plate tripods (see 0244). The box also contains two (unnumbered) lighting sets for the targets and spaces for 2 spare batteries (20 mm diameter, 3 V, 70 mm long) and two spare light bulbs. This box contains two brass fittings for plumbobs that fit into the underside of the locking screw on the Kern tilting plate tripod (see 0244). The lighting sets clip into the back of the reflector plates than can be attached to the back of the targets.

Plate level: 50"/2 mm

Magnification of optical plummet: 1.7 x

The centres of the targets do not deviate more than 0.2 mm horizontally and 1 mm vertically from their nominal positions.

The wooden box carries the label 'Kern Aarau Schweiz Suisse Switzerland Suiza', Engraved '8G'

History & comments

pre 1966


In wooden box (302 mm x 210 mm x 165 mm) with two locking hooks and brass caps of corners. Key for lock is missing.


Box showing some wear and tear, targets good with a few scratches on paint


Last serviced in July 1992 (RS).

More information in KERN Brochure 136d 3.66 'Centring Tripod, Forced Centring, Traversing Equipment'


Catalogued in 2008 by JMR. Photo by JMR.

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