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Wild, Heerbrugg (Switzerland)


TM3000 D

Serial Number



Telescope length 170 mm, Height 310 mm (without carrying handle)


Wild TM3000 D Motorised Electronic Theodolite


This Wild TM3000 D motorised electronic theodolite is an early instrument for automated precision surveys. It is particularly suitable for remote measurement and tasks that call for measurements at regular intervals. Some specific applications of the theodolite include temporary or permanent monitoring of slip-prone areas in the mountains or in opencast mines, directing tunnelling machines, positioning and constructing oil rigs, profiling and observing slip movements in coal mining. The theodolite may be used as an independent instrument or can form part of a system of up to eight stations.

The development of the motorised Wild theodolite is based on the basic Wild T3000 model. The extra letter 'D' at the end of the model number states that an EDM (Electronic Distance Measurement) device may be attached to the top of the theodolite to allow distance measurement.

The specialised targeting procedure enables a reflector point to be targeted with a precision of 15 mm at a distance of one kilometre and within 30 s.

The theodolite features a normal telescope producing an erect image, a two-axis liquid level sensor (capable of being switched on/off) with a setting accuracy of 0.1" and an angular positioning accuracy of about 0.5". The maximum speed of rotation of the motorised axial drives (controlled by the joystick or an external personal computer) in both the horizontal and vertical directions is 50°/sec, and the bubble sensitivity of the plate level is 20" per 2 mm.

The time taken for a single measurement (horizontal and vertical) is approximately 0.9 s.

History & comments

Instrument was purchased by the School of Geomatic Engineering, UNSW, in about 1990.


Plastic case (H 450 mm, L 310 mm, W 260 mm)




  • Instrument is fairly heavy (weight of theodolite without tribrach is 10.8 kg)
  • Upright telescope image
  • School store no: 006670
  • Catalogued by F. Pall


Catalogued in 2000.

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