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Wild, Heerbrugg (Switzerland)


T16 (E)

Serial Number



Telescope length 150 mm, Height 255 mm


Wild T16 (E) Optical Scale-Reading Theodolite


This is the Wild T16 (E) optical scale-reading theodolite. Instead of a micrometer, it features a scale microscope where the images of the vertical circle and the horizontal circle are seen in the field of view at the same time. The theodolite is ideal for triangulation, traversing, cadastral surveys, setting-out and alignment surveys, determining control points and trigonometric heighting.

The instrument incorporates a detachable tribrach which is designed for fast, accurate interchange of the theodolite against a reflector, target, optical plummet, etc. A central-pivot locking mechanism engages the three studs of the centring flange without lateral pressure and holds the instrument firmly in the tribrach dish. An optical plummet is included on the alidade of the theodolite. 

The graduation interval of the horizontal and vertical circles is 1 degree, the optical scale interval is 1 minute (1') and estimation can be made to 6". The reading microscope is parallel to the telescope and both circles are easy to read, whatever the telescope position. To prevent mistakes, the horizontal circle is a brilliant yellow, and a large scale mirror in the telescope standard ensures bright circle illumination. The magnification of the telescope is 28x, the diameter of the objective lens of the telescope is 40 mm, and the shortest pointing distance is approximately 1.5 m. The telescope provides an 'inverted' image. The bubble sensitivity of the plate level is 30" per 2 mm run. 

Furthermore, the T16 is supplied in a watertight, dustproof metal case with a carrying strap, and the steel hood protects the instrument from jolts and knocks.

History & comments

Later models of the Wild T16 feature an automatic vertical circle index system.


Metal case


Good condition, well preserved



  • Weight of instrument and container is 4.7 kg and 2.0 kg respectively.
  • Inverted telescope image
  • Thanks to J. Dedual for the year of manufacture
  • School store no: T143
  • Catalogued by F. Pall & J.M.Rüeger


Manufactured in 1962. Catalogued in 2000 & 2005.

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