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Trimble Navigation, USA


GPS Pathfinder Basic

Serial Number



188 x 62 x 152 mm (without battery)




The Trimble GPS Pathfinder Basic receivers are high performance 3 channel handheld battery powered Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite signal receivers for rugged field use. The unit at hand comes with a (8xAA) battery pack (P/N 14943-00, 175 x 40 x 40 mm), a DC adapter pack (to cigarette lighter socket in a car, P/N 14934-00), a black 25-pin serial data cable (P?N 16844) and a black data cable converter (25 pin, P/N 16637-00).

The equipment also comprises small exterior antenna (140 mm diameter, 90 mm high), possibly part no. 16788. The cable for the external antenna is missing.

The Trimble PFINDER 2.2 /PF BASIC 2.0 software (for IBM compatible PC running Microsoft DOS) was originally supplied with the device, but is missing in the collection.

The set includes the GPS Pathfinder Basic Manual Release 2.10 (Part No. 16848, Rev, C, January 1992, 120 pages) and the GPS Pathfinder Professional Operating Manual GPS Pathfinder Basic Receivers for software Versions 5.41 (May 1992, Part No. 18469, 103 pages).

The unit features 128 kb memory and firmware version V5.1.41 (1992). Rover G052601C.

The receiver can determine positions, navigate and store positions. Positions are stored individually or in a file. The receiver uses code phase data for navigation. Claimed accuracy: 15 m with selected availability (SA) off. The receiver can track up to 8 satellites simultaneously and hold up to 3000 positions. If the velocity option is not enabled, one hour of 1 second data can be stored (for 64 k memory).

A first position is available after 3-5 minutes provided that 4 satellites are in view. After a long shutdown or a large movement from the last position, the receiver has to acquire a new almanac and takes 15 minutes to provide a first position.

History & comments

Manufactured in 1992. The unit was last used by the School of Mathematics in August 1993. Tests in April 2013 delivered a coordinate repeatability of between 4 m, 7 m and 9 m in E,N,H, but a wrong date and coordinates wrong by more than 200 m.


external antenna in softcase


in good condition


UNSW inventory number: 018188. The unit was donated by the School of Mathematics, UNSW, in March 2011


Catalogued on 8 April 2013 by JMR. Photo by JMR.

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