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CARL ZEISS, Jena, Germany


Ni 007

Serial Number



130 x 140 x 335 mm


(From Kahmen, H. & Faig, W. 1988. Surveying. de Gruyter, Berlin New York, p. 343)


This automatic level has a vertical cylindrical body, with the objective lens on top and the eyepiece at the bottom. The line of sight exists about 14 cm above the eyepiece. The precision of double run line levelling, with line scale invar staffs is ±0.5 mm/km. For normal work, the micrometer can be locked and the staff read normally (precision ±2 mm/km). The range of the pendulum compensator is 10 minutes of arc, the compensator repeatability ± 0.15" and the setting time less than one second. The telescope magnification is 31.5 x, the diameter of the objective lens 40 mm and the minimum focus 2.2 m.

The instrument does not feature a horizontal circle. The analactic point is in the vertical axis at infinity focus. The range of the micrometers is 0 to 10.8 ft/1000 although imperial instruments/staffs are not mentioned in a 1974 brochure.

The transport box contains a 2-part sun shade for the objective, a small screwdriver, a spanner for 2 hex-nut sizes and a small container with oil.

History & comments



in original wooden box (390 x 225 x 170 mm), 2.8 kg


Some rust marks on the instrument, some decolouration of the grey paint.

The rotation about the vertical axis is restricted. The bearing requires cleaning and/or lubrication.


Label with "Carl Zeiss, Jena, Made in Germany East

Service label: N.I.C. Instrument Company, a Division of Ansett Transport Industries.

The instrument was kindly donated by Bill Rein, Balgowlah, NSW, in April 2012


Catalogued on 13 April 2015 by JMR. Photo by JMR.

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