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Geodimeter (Geotronics), Sweden



Serial Number



140 x 150 x 247 mm


from Publ. No. 571 140.455 (Geodimeter System 400 - Accessories), Geotronics AB, September 1986


This Geodimeter tiltable (round) prism is attached to a tribrach and carrier mounted aluminium pole (20 mm diameter). The latter is protected by an plastic sleeve. The prism can be moved up and down and locks with a spring loaded clamp.

The prism can be tilted in 5 gon (5.6 degree) steps into 15 positions between -35 gon (-39 degrees) and + 35 gon (+39 degrees) from the horizontal. To do so, the prism has to be pulled forward, against a strong spring. It locks into a saw tooth pattern on the frame. The prism is protected on its rim by a thick rubber ring.

The short blue mounting pole (of unknown provenance) is screwed onto a centring spigot that fits into the DIN centring cylinder (34 mm diameter) of the carrier (with a locking screw for the spigot). The carrier might be a SOKKISHA MA01 simple carrier for DIN/Geodimeter or equivalent. The vertical locking of the spigot in the carrier is not well defined (1 mm play).

This equipment set comes with a FUJI-KOH tribrach LB4 No. 04078, with optical plummet (Wild compatible tribrach).

The prism has a zero reflector constant when mounted on a reflector pole, ranging rod or the short mounting pole discussed and shown here. All mounting poles to have 20 mm diameter.

History & comments

This Geodimeter 'Detailing and Setting Out Prism 571 125 740' is mentioned in the 1986 factory literature (Geotronics AB, Publ. No. 571 140.455, September 1986) on the Geodimeter Model 400 electronic tacheometer. The device at hand is missing the targets that would be 51 mm below the prism as well as the spot bubble and the gun sight.


no bag, no box


Prism assembly very good, paint damage on carrier and tribrach


Donated by Bill Rein, Surveyor, Balgowlah NSW, April 2012


Catalogued by J. M. Rüeger on 15.5.2015. Photos by J. M. Rüeger.

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