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Wild Heerbrugg, Switzerland



Serial Number



115 x 80 x 90 mm (prism only)



Photo showing GDR3 from Wild Heerbrugg (1973) " WILD DI 10 Distomat - The Modern Survey System", Brochure G1 324e-VII.73.


This non-tiltable single prism was designed for the first electro-optical distance meter (Distomat DI10) by Wild. It features a gun sight on top and was advertised for distances up to 600 m with the DI10. The front face is 50 x 100 mm. The back plate is removable for the cleaning of the back faces of the prism. The prism has a rectangular shape because the transmitting and receiving optics on the DI10 were separate and side-by-side.

Since prisms need to be pointed (vertically and horizontally) to the EDM instrument for accurate measurements, this prism type was quickly replaced with a tiltable version (GDR31). See item 0423 in this collection.

The prism comes with an orange reflector carrier for attachment to a tribrach.

Reflector carrier: base 80 mm diameter, 180 mm height.

Height of prism (top) on carrier: 240 mm.

Centre of prism is 195.7 mm above tribrach plate.

The reflector can also be attached directly to a prism rod that is equipped with the Wild prism attachment system.

See: Wild Heerbrugg (1973) " WILD DI 10 Distomat - The Modern Survey System", Brochure G1 324e-VII.73

History & comments

Manufactured circa 1969.


in (Wild) bag 150 x 100 x 190 mm (which is too small for the equipment)


Prism: good, paint worn


Donated by Bill Rein, Surveyor, Balgowlah NSW, April 2012


Catalogued by J. M. Rüeger on 1.6.2015. Photos by J. M. Rüeger.

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