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Leica, Heerbrugg, Switzerland


Wild TC1610

Serial Number



215 x 215 x 370 mm



The Wild TC1610 is an electronic tacheometer with an angular precision of 1.5", a distance accuracy of ±(2 mm + 2 ppm) and a range to a single prism of 2.5 km (at an atmospheric visibility of 15 km). The setting accuracy of the mechanical vertical circle compensator is ±1". Magnification of telescope: 30 x, shortest focus 1.7 m. Height of tilting axis is 196 mm. Plate level sensitivity 30"/2 mm Optical plummet in GDF22 tribrach (included). Weight 5.5 kg. Tribrach GDF22 0.9 kg, GEB77 (plug-in) battery 0.45 Ah, 0.2 kg, 12 V dc (good for about 250 measurements). EDM carrier wavelength: 850 micrometres.

The instrument has two full keyboards with displays (4 lines, 16 characters). A Rec module port is underneath the keyboard in face left. The WILD GRM10 memory cards (CMOS, 74 x 60 x 10 mm) have a capacity of 64 k or 2000 data blocks.

The instrument comes with a battery charger GKL12, two GRM10 rec modules, an external 12V battery cable Type 439038 with Y communication cable attached and one communication cable from the LEMO socket on the instrument to the RS232 9 pin port on a personal computer (used for the operation of the instrument from an external computer).

History & comments

UNSW purchased 5 units of this instrument. The instrument were used for later year field exercises and camps as well as projects such as the measurement of the Campus Network in 2001.


In orange moulded transport case.


Very good, a few scratches. Rec modules show 'low battery' 20 years after purchase.


Case carries the inscription "No. 7". UNSW Inventory No. 024086


Catalogued by J. M. Rüeger in 2011. Photos by J. M. Rüeger.

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