Year Title Author Supervisor Co-supervisor
2020 Quantifying Network Structure using Fractal Dimension Njoteah, Christopher Nnanke Chakka, Mohana Naga Sai
2020 Factors influencing travel preferences of people under the influence of the COVID-19 Cai, Yue Ardeshiri, Ali
2020 Factors that influence facility location of UAV infrastructure Pratthigadapa, Prasanth Rey, David
2020 The Impacts of Ridesharing: A Case Study of Sydney’s M4 Motorway Song, Changle Rey, David
2020 Understanding the destination choice of pedestrians Lian, Pengyu Saberi Kalaee, Meead
2020 Quantifying the economic impacts of railway/transit services with a data-driven approach Wang, Jie Liu, Wei
2020 Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on Urban Traffic Mannan, Areena Saberi Kalaee, Meead
2020 Modeling and Simulating a Mixed Network with Autonomous Vehicles and Conventional Vehicles Sun, Luchen Liu, Wei
2020 A stated Preference Study on Investigating Mode Choice for Sydney CBD Commuters Using Biogeme Chen, Xiaofeng Najmi, Ali
2020 Transport in remote Australia - analysis and prospects Rottemberg, Maria Julieta Grzybowska, Hanna Waller, Travis
2020 Intelligence From Smart Streetlights Wang, Yang Ge, Linlin
2020 The Changes in Traffic Flow Characteristics in Highway Merging due to the advent of Reinforcement Learned Autonomous Vehicles Tang, Ming Saberi Kalaee, Meead
2020 Modelling network traffic with Autonomous Vehicles Gopalakrishnan, Radhika Liu, Wei
2020 Quantifying the Complexity and Connectivity of China High-speed Rail Development and Its Implication on The Economic Growth Nanlohy, Vinensia Meisclin Liu, Wei
2020 Modelling and Evaluating Traffic Signal Priority for Light Rail Zheng, Xuhan Gu, Ziyuan Frank
2020 Route Choice Behaviour: a comparison between university and online sample Wan, Lei Ardeshiri, Ali
2020 Modeling and Managing Traffic Externalities in a Large-scale Network Chen, Xiaoxiao Liu, Wei
2020 Assessment of Short-Term and Long-Term Impacts of Disruptive Transportation Technologies on Large-Scale Networks Anderson Saldana, Kevin Michael Waller, Travis Grzybowska, Hanna
2020 Modelling relationships between traffic flow fluctuations and crashes Li, Pengfei Chakka, Mohana Naga Sai
2020 Designing Traffic Signals to Accommodate Sydney Light Rail Liu, Yifan Gu, Ziyuan Frank
2020 Understanding the route choice behavior of pedestrians Xiao, Tianpei Saberi Kalaee, Meead
2020 Traffic flow characteristics of automated vehicles Yu, Gongda Saberi Kalaee, Meead
2020 Housing acquisition and investment study: residents attitudes, behaviours and preferences Gao, Kai Ardeshiri, Ali
2019 Quantifying the relationships between air quality and transport and urban development Zhang, Xu Liu, Wei
2019 Modelling and simulation of the stochastic aircraft boarding process Huang, Rong Liu, Wei Zhang, Fangni (External)
2019 Analysing the impact of autonomous vehicles on the network traffic flow Zhang, Weihao Gu, Ziyuan
2019 Mapping Urban Noise in Sydney Zheng, Xiaofeng Saberi Kalaee, Meead
2019 Traffic flow theory and characteristics of automated vehicles Li, Mupeng Saberi Kalaee, Meead Gu, Ziyuan
2019 Mapping Urban Noise in Sydney Feng, Li Saberi Kalaee, Meead
2019 Mapping Urban Noise Data in Sydney Chen, Tianzhou Saberi Kalaee, Meead
2019 Studying passengers reaction to train disruptions due to trackwork maintenance in Sydney Cui, Yanhao Saxena, Neeraj
2019 Mapping urban noise in Sydney Wang, Yanjing Saberi Kalaee, Meead
2019 Traffic flow characteristics of automated vehicles Li, Xin Saberi Kalaee, Meead
2019 Understanding the destination choice behaviour of pedestrians Zhao, Yiyun Saberi Kalaee, Meead
2019 Computer Vision-based Collision Avoidance for Driverless Car Luan, Mingye Lim, Samsung
2019 Traffic flow theory and characteristics of automated vehicles Chang, Xiaoli Saberi Kalaee, Meead Gu, Ziyuan
2019 Traffic flow theory and characteristics of automated vehicles Dai, Qingwen Saberi Kalaee, Meead Gu, Ziyuan
2019 Traffic flow characteristics of automated vehicles Ligawan, Kane Saberi Kalaee, Meead
2019 Urban Transport Expenditures & Life Satisfaction Qing, Taiyu Ghasrikhouzani, Milad
2019 Mapping urban noise in Sydney Xi, Kangyu Saberi Kalaee, Meead
2019 Mapping urban noise in Sydney Chen, Chuan Saberi Kalaee, Meead
2019 Optimising human performance of the Dynamic Driving Task fallback through the use of auditory and visual alert tones Zhao, Yiming Prabhakharan, Prasannah Dixit, Vinayak
2019 Autonomous vehicles: Disengagements and accidents Chen, Huang Chakka,Mohana Naga Sai
2019 transport resilience to natural disaster- Tropical Cyclone Debbie Du, Qiang Dixit,Vinayak
2019 Using crowdsourced traffic data for predicting crashes Liu, Tianyu Chakka,Mohana Naga Sai
2019 Understanding the route choice behaviour of pedestrians Zhi, Feng Saberi Kalaee,Meead
2019 Have people started walking more in Sydney? Role of Fitness tracker in encouraging walk behavior Mi, Jiarui Saxena,Neeraj
2019 Analysis of Air Travel In Australia from 2004 to 2018 Li, Qiang Chakka,Mohana Naga Sai
2019 The effect of different factors on traffic incidents duration Zhang, Xinan Chakka,Mohana Naga Sai
2019 Quantifying the economic impacts of High-speed Railway Development Yang, Zhiwei Liu,Wei
2019 Transportation Network Resilience on 2016 Waroona Fire Yin, Yongjian Dixit,Vinayak
2018 Optimal traffic intersection control for autonomous vehicles and pedestrians Castro Zaldua, Andres Leonardo Rey, David
2018 A Customer Satisfaction Survey of On-demand transport Services: Case Study of Northern Beaches and Macquarie Park in Sydney Sun, Teng Saxena, Neeraj
2018 Microsimulation-based Study on Interaction Between Pedestrians and Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Dizon, Mario Jr. Grzybowska, Hanna
2018 The application of entropy in travel speed data analysis on motorway Zhao, Tianyi Dixit, Vinayak Chakka, Mohana Naga Sai
2018 Preferences for ride-pooling in ridesharing systems Lyu ,Bocan Jian, Sisi Saxena, Neeraj
2018 Exploring the Possibility of Predicting the Ridership Based on Crowdsourced Cycling Data Quan, Yingzhou Roberts, Craig
2018 Crowd Sourced Data For Traffic Incident Analysis:Multilinear Prediction Model for Recovery Time Joseph, Remil Divya, Jayakumar Nair
2018 Navigation and control system for autonomous vehicle platooning Xu, Yibai Wang,J, Jinling
2018 Pedestrian-vehicle collision avoidance for autonomous cars in future intelligent transport systems Ma, Kexu Wang,J, Jinling
2018 Genetic Algorithm for Route Planning in Automatic Driving Suo, Linyuan Wang,J, Jinling
2018 Evaluation of the impact of accessibility on travelers’ mode choice for public transit Zheng, Yifei Jian, Sisi
2017 Market Uptake of a New Mobility Option in Sydney Metropolitan Area: A Stated Choice Study on Motorcycle Taxis Peng, Bozhezi Hossein Rashidi, Taha
2016 The Impact of Automotive Night Vision Systems on Driver Behaviour and Driving Performance Hu, Shihui Rizos, Chris
2015 High Performance Positioning Framework for C-ITS Zuo, Chen Rizos, Chris
2015 Establishing a destination choice model of the Melbourne city Wan, Pinzhang Hossein Rashidi, Taha
2015 Transportation-land use connection in Sydney census data Zheng, Yi Moylan, Emily
2015 Predicting Casualty-Accident Count by HIghway Design Standards Compliance, Study Case: East Java North Corridor Network - Indonesia Rizaldi, Arief Dixit, Vinayak
2015 Zero-inflated Negative Binomial Regression Model: Accident Frequency Estimation at North Coast Corridor Road (Central-Java Indonesia) Junirman, Rizky Adelwin Dixit, Vinayak