Year Title Author Supervisor Co-supervisor
2020 Economic and Transport Implications of Public Transport Investment Timing Xie, Katherine Robson, Edward Dixit, Vinayak
2020 Exploring Autonomous Vehicle Open Datasets for Traffic Applications Keo, Profita Chesda Saberi Kalaee, Meead
2020 Modelling Mixed Traffic Environment Chew, May Xuan Liu, Wei
2020 Network Design Using a Genetic Algorithm Approach with Integrated Economic and Transport Modelling Farmakidis, George Constantine Robson, Edward
2020 Predicting Driving Expertise Through Machine Learning Analysis of Visual Search Patterns Sivanesan, Neythirun Prabhakharan, Prasannah
2020 How Autonomous Vehicles Affect Traffic Flow Characteristics Under Different Penetration Rates and Varying Traffic Signal Cycle Times Luo, Belinda Saberi Kalaee, Meead
2020 Resilience Based Approach to Assessing Traffic Congestion Patterns using Crowdsourced Data Boparoy, Jasvir Singh Chakka, Mohana Naga Sai
2020 Impact of road network structure on safety Li, Zhuolin Chakka, Mohana Naga Sai
2020 What Community Detection can tell us about the Sydney transport situation Cavanagh, Hayley Nicola Rey, David Saberi Kalaee, Meead
2020 Performance and safety evaluation of mixed fleets with connected automated vehicles and connected automated buses Bassil, Daniel Anthony Chakka, Mohana Naga Sai
2020 Macroscopic modelling of mixed traffic flow with autonomous vehicles Kesuma, Patricia Saberi Kalaee, Meead
2020 Auction-based Intersection Management for Autonomous Vehicles Cao, Shuo Liu, Wei
2020 Modelling and Simulating Parking Sharing Zhan, Yifan Liu, Wei
2020 The effect of various attributes on housing preferences for ownership and renting: a case study of Sydney Zhang, Siqi Ardeshiri, Ali Hossein Rashidi, Taha
2020 Autonomous vehicles intersection control under the conflict point reservation method with inclusion of alternative trajectories Lyu, Mingzhi Rey, David
2019 Smart Parking: Emerging Economic and Shared Approaches Jahan, Shabab Saadman Ardeshiri, Ali Hossein Rashidi, Taha
2019 Modelling travel time reliability using crowdsourced data Wen, Jingyi Chakka, Mohana Naga Sai Robson, Edward
2019 Pedestrian Flow Modelling for Flow and Volume Optimization on a Sydney Platform Huang, Jason Yu Jia Gu, Ziyuan Frank
2019 The Relationship between Pedestrian Characteristics, Individual Waiting Time, Maximum Waiting Time and Illegal Crossing Behaviour at Signalised Intersections in the Sydney CBD Yeung, Mark Regan, Mike Prabhakharan, Prasannah
2019 Assessing the Validity of Hazard Perception Tests (Driving Simulator Study) Shen, Jane Zifan Prabhakharan, Prasannah
2019 Identifying User Concerns, Problems and Needs relating to the Design and Operation of Off-Street Parking Facilities Li, Joel Regan, Mike Prabhakharan, Prasannah
2019 The impact of automated vehicles on human driver behaviour in transport networks Cashel, Jordan James Prabhakharan, Prasannah
2019 Modelling Human Mobility for Outbreak Control Rabbani, Adnan Saad Rey, David
2019 A modified approach to residential location choice modelling, and its potential effects within larger frameworks Wang, Jason Robson, Edward
2019 Comparison of traffic data from different crowd-sourced platforms: Pros and Cons Indradi, Anindya Rachmani Saxena, Neeraj
2019 Dynamic Dial-A-Ride for On-demand Public Transport Liu, Jierong Rey, David
2019 Assessing traffic congestion patterns using crowdsourced data Gu, Zishuo Chakka, Mohana Naga Sai
2019 Urban Goods Movement Data Collection and Modelling Mand, Gurpinder Kaur Hossein Rashidi, Taha
2019 Traffic flow characteristics of automated vehicles Tu, Robert Saberi Kalaee, Meead
2019 Traffic flow characteristics of automated vehicles Yu, Chun Ting Saberi Kalaee, Meead
2019 Practicality analysis of a macroscopic network model for pedestrians Xu, Kaiyu Saberi Kalaee, Meead
2019 Energy Management in Smart Distribution Systems with Vehicle-to-Grid Integration Cheng, Vincent Hin Sing Hossein Rashidi, Taha Ardeshiri, Ali
2019 Emerging mobility solutions Yoo, Hae-Lim Rey, David
2019 Optimization of Air Traffic Rahme, Stephanie Christianne Rey, David
2019 Evaluating Accessibility to Public Transport for People with Disabilities Kilayko, Elysia Mae Rodrigo Grzybowska, Hanna Rey, David
2019 Modelling and optimizing an integrated network of autonomous vehicle lanes and non-autonomous local roads Chen, Yuhui Liu, Wei
2019 Recalibration of Strategic Modelling Parameters for Use with Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Qiu, Esta Grzybowska, Hanna Virdi, Navreet (External)
2019 Investigating the impact of adverse weather conditions on public transport reliability and accessibility Ching, Ada Lok Yee Ghasrikhouzani, Milad
2019 Equity in public transport Rung, Patrick Ghasrikhouzani, Milad Aouad , Gregory (External)
2019 Exploring the impact of inclement weather condition on public transport reliability Kavee, Korawich Ghasrikhouzani, Milad
2019 Multicity congestion metrics and propagation patterns with crowd-sourced data and open-source software Kuswanto, William Divya, Jayakumar Nair
2019 Quantification of Congestion: Comparison of Traditional and Crowd Sourced Traffic Data Cen, Matthew Zhao Dixit,Vinayak
2018 A network model for evaluating global outbreak control strategies Meredith, Joshua Rey, David
2018 Traveller behaviour modelling using Bayesian Statistics Wang, Ruiyang Saxena, Neeraj
2018 Comparing route choice behaviour under stop-&-go traffic between surveys involving textual description and driving simulator experience Parekh, Kerfegar Tehmasp Saxena,Neeraj
2018 Understanding the Role of Inattentional Blindness in Look-But-Fail-To-See Crashes in NSW Chung, Jeremy Gregorious Prabhakharan,Prasannah
2018 Understanding the route choice behaviour of drivers: A survey Shen, Zhongchu Saxena,Neeraj
2018 Estimating the demand of shared bike services for students living in Eastern Suburbs You, Jiahao Saxena,Neeraj
2018 The Traffic Impacts of Short-Notice Bushfire Evacuations in Australia Tomlins, Aaron John Wijayaratna,Kasun
2018 Computer Vision-Based Collision Avoidance for Driverless Cars Zhang, Sihui Lim,Samsung
2018 Modelling the behaviour of connected and autonomous vehicles in transport networks accounting for emergency operations Le, Thi Ngoc Mai Grzybowska, Hanna
2018 New approaches to level of service assessment: Benchmarking of the development and place framework Israel, Aurelia Mooryanti Wijayaratna,Kasun
2018 Preference Choice Study of Separated Cycleways Around the South East Light Rail Lu, Duc Phat Saxena,Neeraj
2018 What drives dengue outbreaks? A case study in Sri Lanka Fajardo, Josiah Gardner, Lauren Lim, Samsung
2018 An Investigation of On-Demand Public Transport Services Sood, Utkarsh Wijayaratna, Kasun
2018 Optimisation of bus replacement plan during train line trackwork Jiang, Melinda Jian, Sisi Rey, David
2018 A passenger assignment model for the suburban Sydney train network using Opal Card data Zeng, David Gardner, Lauren Akhtar, Mahmood
2018 CBD & South East Light Rail Case Study: Demand for a new public transport service Jiang, Xiaoen Wijayaratna, Kasun
2018 Pedestrian Safety At Roundabouts Ng, Tania Tsuey Fang Wijayaratna, Kasun
2018 Accounting for Freight: Development of a novel CGE framework. Chen, Jade Wijayaratna, Kasun Robson, Edward
2018 Investigating Daily Travel Behaviour on Public Transport in Semi-Regional and Metropolitan Sydney Kim, Isabella Soudam Wijayaratna, Kasun Jian, Sisi
2018 The Reliability and Accessibility of Sydney's Public Transit System (Buses) Kennedy, Jack Matthew Akhtar, Mahmood Gardner, Lauren
2018 Commuters' willingness to shift towards On-Demand Transport: A case study in Western Sydney Lim, Daniel Liang Zhi Saxena, Neeraj Hossein Rashidi, Taha
2018 The impact of retiming school schedules on traffic congestion Lei, Jacky Wijayaratna, Kasun
2018 A network analysis of the Sydney train system Collins, Bryce James Gardner, Lauren Akhtar, Mahmood
2018 The optimization of two-fluid model Chen, Rui Divya, Jayakumar Nair
2018 Neural-network based computer vision project Xu, Rudy Jie Lim, Samsung
2018 Conflict between sustainable development and transport accessibility in the Green Square Area Saputra, Tiffany Loiss Wijayaratna, Kasun
2018 Quantifying the Impact of the Level of Transit Service on Mobility Patterns Using Transit Smart Card Data Ma, Mingyou Jian, Sisi Liu, Wei
2018 Extracting the Number of Stop-and-Go Waves from Urban Vehicle Trajectory data using Wavelet Transformation Clinton Lap Fung Cheung Saxena, Neeraj Hossein Rashidi, Taha
2018 The Impacts of Ridesharing on Congestion: A Case Study of a Freeway Network Widjaja, Daniel Clifford Rey, David Grzybowska, Hanna
2018 Building a Dengue Outbreak Prediction Model: A Case Study for Queensland Ralphs, Henry James Akhtar, Mahmood Gardner, Lauren
2018 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Traffic Modelling for Urban Environments Lally, Harman Bir Singh Rey, David
2018 Predicting the crash risk of carsharing users Li, Clarence Jia Yang Jian, Sisi
2018 Examining the Performance and Perceptions of Sydney’s Clearway Strategy Coutinho, Alon Roger Dixit, Vinayak Wijayaratna, Kasun
2018 Introduction of Sydney Central Business District and South East Light Rail Service: A Stated Preference Study to Investigate Mode Choice of UNSW Commuters Chung, Kai Yin Saxena, Neeraj Hossein Rashidi, Taha
2018 Clustering of Carsharing Users William Huynh Jian, Sisi
2018 Using Social Network Theory to Characterise Construction Projects Salman Zadeh Seysan, Rastin Gardner, Lauren Braham, Rowan (External)
2018 Employment centralisation and decentralisation in Sydney: A transport and economic perspective Athayde ,Jessica Grace Wijayaratna, Kasun Robson, Edward
2018 The impact of electric connected autonomous vehicles on greenhouse emissions in Sydney Shu ,Shunshun Grzybowska, Hanna
2018 Study of market willingness to adopt a new mobility option of Motorcycle Taxis in Sydney Hastings, Carl Sebastian Hossein Rashidi, Taha Saxena, Neeraj
2018 Impact of Social Media on Residential Location Choice and Housing Prices Mohseni, Sanaz Ghasrikhouzani, Milad
2017 Understanding driver behaviour in response to variable message signs for smart motorway management systems Ho, Phoebe Amy Dixit, Vinayak
2017 Weather Impact on Transport Reliability Wong, Chun Yin Christopher Ghasrikhouzani, Milad
2017 Slot Assignment Optimization in Ground Delay Program Kesari, Nirman Rey, David
2017 Computer Vision-based Traffic Flow Analysis Liu, Ruo Lim, Samsung
2017 Incentive mechanisms for traffic equilibrium with autonomous vehicles Soto Vargas, Luis Rey, David
2017 Leveraging Social Media Sources for Transport Engineering Data Bissaker, Ingrid Elizabeth Moylan, Emily Jian, Sisi
2017 Socioeconomic Equity Impacts of Incident Duration on NSW Roads Choi, Kelvin Nick Moylan, Emily Jian, Sisi
2017 Assessing the impacts of base model parameters on network performance metrics in transport modelling software Zhou, William Wijayaratna, Kasun
2017 Unbundled Parking and Carsharing: Impact on Traffic Generation and Travel Behaviour Zhong, Karen Wijayaratna, Kasun
2017 Traffic monitoring analysis with computer vision based method Li, Chanhui Wang,J, Jinling
2017 Incorporating accessibility in the estimation of traffic generation rates Gunawan, Joshua Wijayaratna, Kasun
2017 Route choice behaviour for pedestrians Babana, Joseph Hossein Rashidi, Taha
2017 Network based modelling for predicting and controlling the spread of disease through global transport systems Zlojutro, Aleksa Gardner, Lauren Rey, David
2017 Redesigning Roadway Infrastructure for Mixed Autonomous and Non-Autonomous Traffic Haider, Ahsan Mohammad Wijayaratna, Kasun
2017 Conflict Resolution in Air Traffic Control Hu, Wendy Rey, David
2017 Benefits of Multimodal Signal Optimisation through Application of a Genetic Algorithm to a Single Intersection Microsimulation Mayhook, Callum Andrew Moylan, Emily
2017 Vision-based Vehicle Tracking for Intelligent Transportation System Wang, Junjie Wang,J, Jinling
2017 Comparison of different methods for traffic signs detection and recognition Gao, Guohao Wang,J, Jinling
2017 Autonomous Intersection Markets Humphry, Alexander Stephen Dixit, Vinayak
2017 Travel reliability: its role in commuter mode choice Zeng, Jarita Moylan, Emily
2017 A funding allocation model for humanitarian logistics operations Chin, Ming En Grzybowska, Hanna
2017 Crowd-sourced data for disaster analytics: a study of road network resilience Zachulski, Sophie Grace Dixit, Vinayak
2016 Urban High Speed Rail in Greater Western Sydney Somalingam, Mayuran Hossein Rashidi, Taha Vandebona, Upali
2016 Study of Route Choice Behavior in Autonomous Vehicles Wong, Tat Wang Dixit, Vinayak
2016 Aspects of Truck Platooning Simulated on Australian Roads De Silva, Thisal Randula Rizos, Chris
2016 Food Rescue Management: a green supply chain logistics solution Mort, Jack Joseph Parker Grzybowska, Hanna Gardner, Lauren
2016 Development of a FE Motorcycle Model for Investigating Crashes into W-Beam Guardrails Peacock, Cameron John Grzebieta, Raphael (External)
2016 Lane Detection in Autonomous Vehicles Loo, Huai Gen Wang,J, Jinling
2016 Predicting Short-Term Traffic Flow Joe, Charmaine Ying-Wah Waller, Travis Rey, David
2016 The Long-Term Demand Response to Ramp Metering Yung, Wendy Gardner, Lauren
2016 Data Collection and Analysis of Urban Goods Movement Within Sydney Nahian, Ahmed Sabah Al Hossein Rashidi, Taha
2016 Traffic Flow Detection from RMS Live Traffic Cameras - Norman Hu Hu, Norman Lim, Samsung
2016 Self-Organizing Traffic Information Systems in Autonomous Vehicles Kumar, Sidhant Raj Wang,J, Jinling
2016 Vehicle Rollover into Road Safety Barriers Liang, Nicole Bi Yian Mattos, Garrett Anthony (External) Grzebieta, Raphael (External)
2016 Mathematical Modelling and Microsimulation of Mixed Fleets, with Autonomous Agents Virdi, Navreet Singh Rey, David Grzybowska, Hanna
2016 Determining Optimum Contracting Strategies for Road Maintenance to Reduce User Cost Warren, Alexander Craig Dixit, Vinayak
2016 Internet of Traffic Wu, Kevin Dixit, Vinayak
2016 Traffic Monitoring and Surveillance with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Mou, Yingwen Wang,J, Jinling
2016 Neural Network Based Traffic Flow Analysis Matthews, Michael David Lim, Samsung
2016 Investigating Commercial SBAS & NRTK Positioning for Driverless Cars in Urban Environments Ali, Omair Roberts, Craig
2016 The Impact of Flood Risk on Willingness to Pay for Transport Infrastructure Carpp, Grace Alliyah Dixit, Vinayak
2016 A proposal for the Bays Waterfront Promenade development Wang, Yuqi Vandebona, Upali
2016 A Feasibility Study into the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as a Potential Instrument to Supplement the Existing Traffic Monitoring Structure Lim, Kenny Jin Lai Rizos, Chris
2016 Stochastic Resilience of Transport Networks in Extreme Weather Conditions Babbage, Michael Peter Dixit, Vinayak
2016 The Transition towards Autonomous Driving for Australia’s Road Freight Industry Setio, Jeremy Herbert Rizos, Chris
The relationship between higher order approaches of travel time distributions and land use characteristics in the San Francisco Bay Area Kohan, Rachel Deborah Moylan, Emily
Improvements of the Quarter Turn Energy Method for Vehicle Rollovers Rakic, Aleksandra Grzebieta, Raphael
John Duong z3373635 - Thesis Data Collection and Analysis of Urban Goods Movement Duong, John Vandebona, Upali
Agent-based modelling of residential mobility in Metropolitan Sydney Siripanich, Amarin Hossein Rashidi, Taha
Major Event Transport Data Collection and Modelling Vo, Jean Joseph Moylan, Emily
Dynamic Traffic Assignment Modelling and Evaluation: A Case Study for the Sydney Region Chan, Jonathan Jung Him Gardner, Lauren
Sustainability in Land Use and Transport Scenario Assessment Models Lam, Jessica Doust, Kenneth
A combined framework for modelling secondary and non-secondary crashes Ly, Tony Hossein Rashidi, Taha
An exploration of factors affecting the performance of on-street parking networks Hayes, Sarah Elizabeth Gardner, Lauren
The Impact of Disruptions on Traffic Flow: Case Study of Sydney Roads Lam, Kenneth Wai Chung Dixit, Vinayak
Collision Prediction Modelling of the M4 Aouad, Gregory George Dixit, Vinayak
Development of a Motorcycle Finite Element Model for Collisions into Roadside Safety Barriers McKay, Matthew James Grzebieta, Raphael
Improving pedestrian links and services through the concept of non-statutory Shared Zones Szeto, Jessica Huiqi Vandebona, Upali
Dynamic User Optimal with Recourse Labutis, Lukas Natas Waller, Travis
Implications of Parking Policy on Traffic Flow within Urban Environments Leung, Hoi Shan Vandebona, Upali
Overtaking Cyclists' Road Safety Study: Minimum Overtaking Distance Lee, Pearl Yuen Sy Moore, Stephen Stuetz, Richard
Modelling the Arrival of Introduced Marine Pests via the Global Shipping Network Cornwell, Richard Magnus Istvan Gardner, Lauren Cox, Ron
Understanding the Social Contact Network Structure of the UNSW Student Population Godbout, Lukas Daniel Gardner, Lauren
Maritime Transport Modelling Huang, Yanni Gardner, Lauren Hossein Rashidi, Taha
Social Network Analysis and SIR Modelling: A Case Study of the University of New South Wales Tang, Kelly Gardner, Lauren
Data collection and analysis of urban goods movement within Sydney Tran, Thanh Tien Hossein Rashidi, Taha
Analysis of Delay and Demand for Goods and Service Vehicle Parking Facilities on the UNSW Campus Mehrpour, Bahman Hossein Rashidi, Taha
Ant colony algorithm optimisation for urban rail network design Harris-Ayling, Myles Vandebona, Upali
The Sydney Cycle Highway Network: Economic Feasibility Study Tan, Ryan Neal Moore, Stephen Stuetz, Richard
Traffic monitoring and surveillance with UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) Huang, He Wang,J, Jinling
Optimal Routes In Transportation Networks Zhang, Andrew Qi Wang,J, Jinling
Modelling Risk Aversion and Risk Perception in Driving Behaviour Liang, Jackie Guan-Chen Dixit, Vinayak
The Implementation of Advanced Analytical and Managerial Techniques for the Enhancement of Pavement Management Practices in Local Government Duckhs, Jarrah Dixit, Vinayak
Performance of a Type-F Barrier in Impacts with a 13-tonne Bus Hoque, Fariza Tajrin Grzebieta, Raphael
The implementation of WISE on the Sydney network Bleasdale, Thomas Dixit, Vinayak Xiong, Zhitao
Finite Element Analysis of a Tractor-Trailer Impact into Semi-Rigid Barriers Chan, Timothy Hay-Choun Grzebieta, Raphael
Finite Element Analysis of a Tractor-Semitrailer Impact into a Bridge Column Nguyen, Anna Hong An Grzebieta, Raphael
Scenario Based Algorithm in Stochastic Time Dependent Networks Dunstan, George William Dixit, Vinayak
A Network-Based Risk Assessment Model to Evaluate the Risk Posed by International Air Travel in Importing Dengue into Australia Yuwono, Norman Gardner, Lauren
The Relationship Between Transportation, Build environment, and General Health Gunawan, Edwin Gardner, Lauren
A Public Bicycle Sharing Scheme for Sydney Roberts, Christopher Lee Moore, Stephen Stuetz, Richard
Pricing Natural Disaster Risk Wagasooriya, Buddhini Udayanga Dixit, Vinayak
Ridership Analysis of the CBD and South East Light Rail Project Banzon, Richard Hossein Rashidi, Taha Waller, Travis
Use of GPS Data to Determine Value of Travel Time Savings for Motorists in Sydney Trieu, John Dixit, Vinayak
Estimating cycle demand in Sydney using Strava GPS data Dean, Michael Lyndon Moore, Stephen Stuetz, Richard
Preference Towards Public Transit for UNSW Commuters Smith, Jeremy Grahame Wesley Dixit, Vinayak Hossein Rashidi, Taha
Development of an Instrumented Vehicle Gunawan, Sunny Dixit, Vinayak Xiong, Zhitao
Understanding traffic flow characteristics of bicycle facilities Guo, Jiyang Dixit, Vinayak
Traditional and Flexible Carsharing Systems As Traffic Demand Mangement Minic, Aleksandar Dixit, Vinayak
A Feasibility Study into the use of String Transport Systems for Passenger Rail in New South Wales Hargraves, Aaron James Vandebona, Upali