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Candidate Thesis Title Online Access Completed Degree Supervisor
Alhariqi, AbdulrahmanThe Environmental Impact of Connected and Automated Vehicles' Car-following BehaviourAvailable2023 PhDM Saberi Kalaee & V Dixit
Gong, ShuangqingElectric Vehicles and its mobility as a serviceAvailable2023 PhDH Rashidi & F Luo
Li, XinmingInnovative Disaggregate Modelling Frameworks for Predicting Tourists' behavioursAvailable2023 PhDTH Rashidi & TR Koo
Ma, MingyouModelling and Managing Integrated Public Transport System for Passengers and FreightAvailable2023 PhDV Dixit, W Liu & F Zhang
Mansourianfar, MohammadhadiModelling mixed autonomy traffic networks with pricing and routing controlAvailable2023 PhDM Saberi, ST Waller & TH Rashidi
Niu, ChenceResilience in Transportation NetworksAvailable2023 PhDV Dixit, D Jayakumar Nair
Wei, BangyangModeling and Managing a Transportation System With Shared Mobility ServicesAvailable2023 PhDM Saberi Kalaee, W Liu, S Waller
Xu, KaiModeling and Management of Ridesourcing Services with Order Cancellation and Platform CollaborationAvailable2023 PhDM Saberi, W Liu, V Dixit
Ashfaq, MudabberModelling Traffic Congestion as a Spreading PhenomenonAvailable2022 PhDM Saberi, T Waller & L Gardner
Barbara, MikelModelling and Optimisation Methods for Public School NetworksAvailable2022 PhDD Nair TH Rashidi
Chen, YuhuiModeling ride-sourcing and public transport services in a multi-modal network with multi-class usersAvailable2022 MphilV Dixit, W Liu, T Waller
Dong, Xiaotong (Sharon)New Formulations and Solution Methods for the Dial-a-ride ProblemAvailable2022 PhDD Rey & ST Waller
Lilasathapornkit, TanaponNetwork Modeling for Walking Infrastructure: Developing Pedestrian Traffic Assignment Methodologies for Large-Scale Footpath NetworksAvailable2022 PhDM Saberi
Shahriari, SiroosRedefine time series models for transportation planning useAvailable2022 PhDT Rashidi, S Sisson, E Robson
Shakeel, KiranOptimisation of Travel Activity Schedule to Maximise Active Transport Use and Health Benefits: Application of a Smartphone AppAvailable2022 PhDT Rashidi & ST Waller
Sinha, AmolikaEvaluating Risks Associated With Automated Driving SystemsAvailable2022 PhDV Dixit
Xi, HaoningOptimization Methods for Mobility Resource Allocation, Pricing and Demand Management in Mobility-as-a-Service SystemsAvailable2022 PhDST Waller, W Liu, H Aziz & P Kirby
Cheng, ZeshengNovel modeling methodologies that utilize emerging data sources for transport network planningAvailable2021 PhDST Waller,T Hossein Rashidi, M Maghrebi, & S Jian
Cunha Dias, Fernando Mathematical optimization methods for aircraft conflict resolution in air traffic controlAvailable2021 PhDD Rey & ST Waller
Ranaweera Kankanamge, Malith PrasangaData Substantiation in MobilityAvailable2021 PhDV Dixit & D Rey
Siripanich, AmarinLand use modelling and demographic modelling using agent based approachesAvailable2021 PhDTH Rashidi, ST Waller & E Moylan
Chakraborty, ShantanuDynamic traffic assignment model for network design with autonomous vehicle lanes and endogenous demandAvailable2020 PhDD Rey & S T Waller
Krueger, RicoHierarchical Bayesian models for travel demand analysis: theory, inference and applicationsAvailable2020 PhDTH Rashidi, ST Waller, & A Vij
Najmi, AliEstimating an Integrated Framework for Modelling Demand and Traffic Assignment in a Unified StructureAvailable2020 PhDTH Rashidi & ST Waller
Virdi, Navreet SinghDevelopment of a Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Modelling Framework, with Implementation in Evaluating Transport Network Impacts and SafetyAvailable2020 PhDST Waller & Grzybowska
Yang, Bing The Tell-Tale Tweet: extracting, enriching, and modelling people'ss activity and movement from social media dataAvailable2020 MET Rashidi
Alsultan, Abdulmajeed Sulaiman MMacroscopic emission modelling for urban networksAvailable2019 PhDST Waller & V Dixit
Chakka, Mohana Naga Sai ChandEvaluating Fluctuations in Urban Traffic Data and Modelling Their ImpactsAvailable2019 PhDST Waller & V Dixit
Ghasrikhouzani, MiladDisaggregate behavioural land use modelling: Integration of housing search, job search and households' dynamicsAvailable2019 PhDT Rashidi & ST Waller
Gong, ShuangqingDomestic and international tourists' behaviour on the length of stay and selection of destination in AustraliaAvailable2019 METH Rashidi
Gu, ZiyuanDynamic Congestion Pricing in Urban Networks with the Network Fundamental Diagram and Simulation-Based Dynamic Traffic AssignmentAvailable2019 PhDM Saberi & ST Waller
Hassan, Mohammad NurulA Comprehensive Analysis of Discrete Choice Modelling Specifications for Modelling Route and Stop Choice Behaviour of Transit UsersAvailable2019 PhDTH Rashidi & ST Waller
Alsalhi, Raed Abdulrahman HThe Relationship between Traffic Safety and Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram (MFD)Available2018 PhDV Dixit
Amini, NimaAlleviating the negative side effects of ramp metering: development of a supplementary ramp metering algorithmAvailable2018 PhDL Gardner & ST Waller
Li, ChenyangPerception and decision making in vehicle following: modelling, calibration, validation and simulationAvailable2018 PhDV Dixit
Li, XunFairness in Transportation SystemAvailable2018 PhDV Dixit & ST Waller
Robson, Edward NguyenComputable general equilibrium modelling for urban transport planning and appraisalAvailable2018 PhDV Dixit & ST Waller
Saxena, NeerajModelling the Effect of the Number of Stop-&-gos on the Route Choice Behaviour of Car DriversAvailable2018 PhDST Waller & V Dixit
Arbis, DavidModelling the Strategic Interactions of Driver ManoeuvresAvailable2017 PhDV Dixit & TH Rashidi
Jayakumar Nair, DivyaLogistics of Surplus Food Rescue and DistributionAvailable2017 PhDV Dixit & TH Rashidi
Jian, SisiUnderstanding and Optimising Carsharing SystemsAvailable2017 PhDV Dixit & ST Waller
Karki, AlexImpact of parking types & time restrictions on urban parking choice behaviourAvailable2017 MEV Dixit & T Rashidi
Mao, Tuo Intelligent Transport System Based Freeway Management and ControlAvailable2017 PhDV Dixit & C Chen
Wen, TaoMethodologies for Origin-Destination travel demand estimation within a strategic traffic assignment modelAvailable2017 PhDST Waller & L Gardner
Zhang, XiangMulti-objective network design: Road capacity expansion and multi-modal recharge facility locationAvailable2017 PhDST Waller & D Rey
Shakeel, KiranModelling mode and route choice behaviour with adaptive data collectionAvailable2016 MET Hossein Rashidi & ST Waller
Wijayaratna, Kasun PradeepaModelling disrupted transport network behaviourAvailable2016 PhDV Dixit & ST Waller
Duell, Melissa Strategic Traffic Assignment: Models and Applications to Capture Day-to-Day Flow VolatilityAvailable2015 PhDL Gardner & ST Waller
Islam, Md KamrulStochastic Modelling for evaluation of impacts of headway variability of public transit performanceAvailable2014 PhDU Vandebona
Maghrebi, MojtabaUsing Machine Learning to Automatically Plan Concrete Delivery DispatchingAvailable2014 PhDST Waller & C Sammut
Vu, The SonDevelopment of models to determine impacts of telecommuting on transport systems and environmentAvailable2010 PhDU Vandebona
Doust, Kenneth HaroldMetrics of environmental sustainability, social equity and economic efficiency in cities.Available2008 PhDJA Black
Cheung, Wai Hong CharlesDevelopment and evaluation of stratified spatial interaction models and models based on location specific preference functions for sustainable transport and traffic assessment.Available2007 PhDJA Black
Issarayangyun, Tharit Aircraft noise and public health: acoustical measurement and social survey around Sydney (Kingsford Smith) airport.Available2005 PhDJA Black
Yossyafra, Sarjana Modelling of public transport routing strategies.Available2005 PhDU Vandebona
Ahyudanari, Ervina Methodology to determine airport check-in counter arrangement.Available2004 ME U Vandebona
Golzar, Raymond Optimum road pricing based on environmental capacity.Available2003 PhDJA Black
Scott, Frieda ElaineDemonstration of a new decision-making framework for investment in urban public transport infrastructure: application to CBD-Airport rail links.Available2003 PhDJA Black
Awadalla, Emad GergesA model of driver response to variable message signs as an incident management tool.Available2002 PhDP Hidas
Fitch, Ronald JohnA critical study of the operational and financial performance of the South Australian Railways 1900-1970.Available2002 PhDJA Black
Jatmika, Heru EdiEconomic, social and spatial impacts of major commercial airports and their management: a case study of Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport.2002 PhDJA Black
Suthanaya, Putu AlitSustainable transportation indicators with reference to urban form and journey to work travel in the Sydney metropolitan region.Available2002 PhDJA Black
Widiantono, Doni JanartoA multi-factor environmental capacity model for roadsAvailable2002 PhDSE Samuels