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Candidate Thesis Title Online Access Completed Degree Supervisor
Diao, JingyuanReal-time mapping with small UAV2020 MEJ Wang
Krueger, RicoHierarchical Bayesian models for travel demand analysis: theory, inference and applicationsAvailable2020 PhDTH Rashidi
Mahmood, Aziz HasanDevelopment of a high-density geopolymer concrete for coastal protection applicationsAvailable2020 PhDSJ Foster & A Castel
Najmi, AliEstimating an Integrated Framework for Modelling Demand and Traffic Assignment in a Unified Structure2020 PhDTH Rashidi & ST Waller
Nguyen, Quang DieuDurability properties of low-carbon concrete incorporating alternative supplementary cementitious materials and manufactured aggregateAvailable2020 PhDA Caste & TW Kim
Akbarzadeh-Chiniforush, AlirezaServiceability of Steel-Timber Composite (STC) floorsAvailable2019 PhDA Akbarnezhad & H Valipour
Alipour Esgandani, GolnazElasto-viscoplastic modelling of unsaturated soils under static and dynamic loading in 3D stress spaceAvailable2019 PhDN Khalili & A Khoshghalb
Alsultan, Abdulmajeed Sulaiman MMacroscopic emission modelling for urban networksAvailable2019 PhDST Waller & V Dixit
Beuzen, TomasModelling coastal storm erosion using bayesian networksAvailable2019 PhDKM Splinter & IR Turner
Chakka, Mohana Naga Sai ChandEvaluating Fluctuations in Urban Traffic Data and Modelling Their ImpactsAvailable2019 PhDST Waller & V Dixit
Chang, Yingyue Development and application of biomimetic high valence state iron complexes for contaminant oxidationAvailable2019 PhDTD Waite & C Miller
Chen, NanApplication of biomimetic high valence state iron complexes to contaminant oxidation2019 PHDL Gardner & D Rey
Cheng, ShuyangMulti-GNSS precise point positioning : modeling, ambiguity resolution and quality controlAvailable2019 PhDJ Wang
Dissanayake Curator Dissanayake, Dion DilinaAutomatic image-based adaptive damage analysis (AIBADA) with the scaled boundary finite element methodAvailable2019 PhDC Song
Feng, JinwenUnified probabilistic and interval analysis of structures with hybrid uncertaintiesAvailable2019 PhDW Gao & G Li
Gao, QishuoSpectral-spatial classification techniques for hyperspectral imageryAvailable2019 PhDS Lim & X Jia
Ghareh Chaei, MaryamInvestigating early age thermal cracking of concreteAvailable2019 PhDA Akbar Nezhad& A Castel
Ghasrikhouzani, MiladDisaggregate behavioural land use modelling: Integration of housing search, job search and households' dynamicsAvailable2019 PhDT Rashidi & ST Waller
Gong, ShuangqingDomestic and international tourists' behaviour on the length of stay and selection of destination in AustraliaAvailable2019 METH Rashidi
Gu, ZiyuanDynamic Congestion Pricing in Urban Networks with the Network Fundamental Diagram and Simulation-Based Dynamic Traffic AssignmentAvailable2019 PhDM Saberi & ST Waller
Habaragamu Arachchige, Dinesh Durability of geo-polymer mortar with respect to alkali silica reactionAvailable2019 PhDA Castel
Hassan, Mohammad NurulA Comprehensive Analysis of Discrete Choice Modelling Specifications for Modelling Route and Stop Choice Behaviour of Transit UsersAvailable2019 PhDTH Rashidi & ST Waller
Homainejad, NinaApplication of multiple unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for bushfire mitigationAvailable2019 MEC Rizos
Hong, YingBIM adoption criteria: measuring potential advantages of BIM before implementationAvailable2019 PhDA Akbarnezhad
Huang, Qian Curator QianTime-dependent behaviour of precast concrete sandwich panelsAvailable2019 PhDE Hamed
Huang, PanpanAirborne GNSS PPP Based Pseudolite SystemAvailable2019 PhDC Rizos
Hung, Thanh HungThe utility of satellite remote sensing for flood prediction in sparsely gauged catchmentsAvailable2019 PhDF Johnson & L Marshall
Jiang, SijiaEvaluation of Lateral Earth Pressure for Unsaturated SoilsAvailable2019 MEA Khoshghalb
Kamarulzaman, Nor Hidayaty BintiTreatability of odorants in odours abatement systemAvailable2019 PhDR Stuetz
Keipour, NickaAssessment of beam-to-column joint behaviour in steel-timber composite systemsAvailable2019 PhDH Valipour
Khan, Hammad AnisDurability of alkali-activated mortar in sewage environmentAvailable2019 PhDA Castel
Kuang, JianmingIntegration of DInSAR and GPS for Co-seismic Modelling and Assessment of Potential Seismic HazardAvailable2019 MEL Ge
Li, Calvin PengfeiSurface Water Groundwater Interaction in Semi-arid Catchments and Implications for Groundwater Management and Reach ClassificationAvailable2019 MEM Andersen & G Rau
Li, HaiwenDynamic properties of sand-fiber mixturesAvailable2019 PhDA Khoshghalb
Li, KeyanSpectral Stochastic Isogeometric AnalysisAvailable2019 PhDW Gao
Liu, ZhanpengStability analysis of advanced composite archesAvailable2019 MEW Gao & G Li
Liu, LiAboveground biomass estimation of individual trees with airborne Lidar dataAvailable2019 PhDS Lim & X Shen
Miller, Hugh DavidSurface treatment of steel fibres and carbon nanotubes to develop chemical bonds with concreteAvailable2019 PhDA Akbarnezhad & SJ Foster
Miriam, KronenAnaerobic microbial metabolism of isopreneAvailable2019 PhDM Manefield & M Lee
Moghaddasi Kelishomi, HamedConstitutive modelling of bonded geomaterials subject to the mechanical and moisture degradationAvailable2019 PhDN Khalili & A Khoshghalb
Montano Luna, Laura ElizabethAn experimental study of free-surface dynamics and internal motions in fully aerated hydraulic jumpsAvailable2019 PhDS Felder, R Cox & IL Turner
Moradi, MasoudReserve of strength in prefabricated reinforced concrete slab of bridge decks and RC culvertsAvailable2019 PhDH Valipour
Nouri, FarshidExperimental and numerical study of steel-timber composite beam-to-column connections with shear-tabs/double web-anglesAvailable2019 PhDH Valipour
O'Shea, DanielHyperelasticity for soft biological tissues and fibre-reinforced composites using orthotropic fourth-order tensorsAvailable2019 PhDM Attard
Sun, JingyiA Study of the Distributional and Structural Characteristics of Australian Remnant Forests in Major Structural Types Using a Data Collation Method and Airborne Lidar DataAvailable2019 MES Lim
Tamjis, Mohammad RidhwanSatellite imagery processing2019 PhDS Lim & JX Shen
Tootoonchi, ArashNumerical aspects of the application of smoothed point interpolation methods in computational geomechanicsAvailable2019 PhDA Khoshghalb
Torbaty, MohammadaliDevelopment of a vortex risk index for use with single-phase computational fluid dynamics in the simulation of intake structuresAvailable2019 PhDB Cathers & GH Yeoh
Tumiran, Siti Aisyah BintiAn improved community structure method for catchment classificationAvailable2019 PhDS Bellie
Wang, JiaBehaviour and design of demountable composite frames with beam-to-column bolted jointsAvailable2019 PhDC Song & B Uy
Wang, QihanMachine learning aided stochastic analysis for funcionally graded structuresAvailable2019 MEW Gao & FS Tin-Loi
Waqas, RummanThe behaviour of composite beam-to-column flush end plate connections using blind boltsAvailable2019 PhDB Uy
Xing, WeiweiA scaled boundary finite element based node-to-node scheme for contact problems.Available2019 PhDC Song & FS Tin-loi
Yasmin, NazlyA complex networks-based approach to streamflow dynamicsAvailable2019 PhDA Sharma & S Bellie
Zhang, ChangyongSelective abatement and recovery of nutrients from wastewaters using electrochemical technologiesAvailable2019 PhDTD Waite & J Ma
Zhang, JunqiIntegrating geometric modeling and structure analysis: towards the digital future of engineeringAvailable2019 PhDC Song
Abdala Prata Junior, AdemirAnalysis of methods for estimating the emission rate of odorous compounds from passive liquid surfacesAvailable2018 PhDR Stuetz & V Timchenko
Aliabadian, ZeinabFailure in Transversely Isotropic Rock Discs Subjected to Diametrical Loads and a Range of Load Contact ConfigurationsAvailable2018 PhDAR Russell
Allan, RebeccaBackward Erosion PipingAvailable2018 PhDKJ Douglas
Almohssen, Abdulaziz Saud AA new methodology for tracking the performance of subcontractors in the construction industryAvailable2018 PhDSR Davis
Alsalhi, Raed Abdulrahman HThe Relationship between Traffic Safety and Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram (MFD)Available2018 PhDV Dixit
Amini, NimaAlleviating the negative side effects of ramp metering: development of a supplementary ramp metering algorithmAvailable2018 PhDL Gardner & ST Waller
Babaee, Seyed MahdiCorrosion of reinforcement In alkali-activated materialsAvailable2018 PhDA Castel
Barati, KhaleghModeling Fuel Use, Emissions and Mass of On-Road Construction Equipment through Monitoring Field OperationsAvailable2018 PhDJX Shen
Castilla Rho, Juan CarlosAgent-based modelling of groundwater systemsAvailable2018 PhDM Andersen
Du, ZheyuanMapping Earth Surface Deformation using New Time Series Satellite Radar InterferometryrAvailable2018 PhDL Ge
Fisher, RuthInfluence of biosolids processing on the production of odorous emissions at wastewater treatment plantsAvailable2018 PhDR Stuetz
Gao, KangNonlinear Dynamic Behaviour and Instability of Advanced Materials and StructuresAvailable2018 PhDW Gao
Ghaffaripour, OmidApplication of smoothed point interpolation methods to numerical modelling of saturated and unsaturated porous mediaAvailable2018 PhDA Khoshghalb
Ghosni, NassimPerformance of Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joints under Cyclic LoadingAvailable2018 PhDH Vali Pour, SJ Foster
Green, DavidProbabilistic analysis for computational mechanics with applications in Civil EngineeringAvailable2018 PhDKJ Douglas
Grinter, Thomas AnthonyPrecise Point Positioning - The evolution of an alternative GNSS positioning solutionAvailable2018 MECA Roberts
He, HuanDynamic properties of crushable soilsAvailable2018 PhDA Khoshghalb
Howard, Bahareh SaraModelling the carbon budget of the Australian electricity sector's transition to renewable energyAvailable2018 PhDT Wiedmann
Jiang, ChaoMechanism and kinetics of ferrous iron oxidation and ferric iron reduction in photolysed natural watersAvailable2018 PhDTD Waite & S Garg
Kang, Tae Ho The cognitive classification of model deficiency in hydrologyAvailable2018 PhDLA Mashall & A Sharma
Khan, Mst Shakera KarimA nonlinear prediction approach for catchment classificationAvailable2018 PhDS Bellie
Li, ChenyangPerception and decision making in vehicle following: modelling, calibration, validation and simulationAvailable2018 PhDV Dixit
Li, Mingnan Study of mechanics and dynamics of fibre reinforced recycled concrete aggregateAvailable2018 MEA khoshghalb, K Senetakis
Li, XunFairness in Transportation SystemAvailable2018 PhDV Dixit & ST Waller
Liu, XuefenCity-scale evacuation management in flood scenarios, implementation and comparison of a multi-agent based approach and a traffic assignment approachAvailable2018 PhDS Lim & D Rey
Liu, LeiScaled boundary finite element method for 2D and 3D acoustic-structure interaction analyses considering structural elastoplasticityAvailable2018 PhDS Song
Mellati, AfshinA robust and automatic elastic compensation method for collapse load determination of structuresAvailable2018 PhDC Song & FS Tin-Loi
Murray, AngusIn-Service Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete based on a Variable Transfer Length ModelAvailable2018 PhDA Castel, RI Gilbert
Mustaffa, Nur KamaliahEmissions, production and cost in construction operationsAvailable2018 PhDDG Carmichael
Nadoushani, Zahra Sadat MoussaviA computational approach for estimating and minimizing construction-related and end-of-life carbon footprint of concrete structuresAvailable2018 PhDA Nezhad
Nahar, JannatunCharacterising climate model bias: An insight into bias nonstationarity and spatial dependence in hydroclimatic simulationsAvailable2018 PhDFM Johnson
Nguyen, Thi Tua HaA framework for correcting biases in climate model simulations in the frequency domain: Implications for hydrologyAvailable2018 PhDA Sharma & R Mehrotra
Noushini, AminDurability of geopolymer concrete in marine environmentAvailable2018 PhDA Castel & RI Gilbert
Ortega, Guido Esteban Aquiles CarvajalAssessing validation and reliability of water and wastewater treatment processes using Bayesian techniquesAvailable2018 PhDSJ Khan & D Roser
Pathiraja, SahaniImproving Data Assimilation Algorithms for Enhanced Environmental PredictionsAvailable2018 PhDA Sharma
Perera, Weebadda Arachchilage SAn investigation into developing productive construction environments to improve quality performance in Australian building constructionAvailable2018 PhDSR Davis
Phillips, MatthewWave-driven recovery of sandy beaches following storm erosionAvailable2018 PhDI Turner
Piscesa, BambangModeling confined concrete using plasticity formulationAvailable2018 PhDMM Attard
Qi, ZeyuanAssessment of quality and equity of transportation services to central business district in Sydney, AustraliaAvailable2018 MES Lim
Robson, Edward NguyenComputable general equilibrium modelling for urban transport planning and appraisalAvailable2018 PhDV Dixit & ST Waller
Rong, HongyanRedox Transformations of Silver Nanoparticles in Natural and Engineered SystemsAvailable2018 PhDTD Waite & S Garg
Saxena, NeerajModelling the Effect of the Number of Stop-&-gos on the Route Choice Behaviour of Car DriversAvailable2018 PhDST Waller
Severi, ArmaghanAeration performance and flow resistance in high-velocity flows over moderately sloped spillways with micro-rough bedAvailable2018 PhDS Felder & WL Peirson
Shoaib, Syed AbuThe relative importance and characteristics of uncertainty in hydrologyAvailable2018 PhDLA Marshall & A Sharma
Simmons, JoshuaImproved model calibration techniques for predicting coastal storm erosionAvailable2018 PhDI Turner
Taheriattar, RezaSustainability and adaptable/flexible infrastructureAvailable2018 PhDDG Carmichael
Teh, Soo HueyIntegrated carbon metrics and assessment for the built environmentAvailable2018 PhDS Moore & T Wiedmann
Wang, JunchaoIntegrating CAD Geometry and Scaled Boundary Finite Element AnalysisAvailable2018 PhDC Song
Watson, PhillipImproved techniques to estimate mean sea level, velocity and acceleration from long ocean water level time series to augment sea level (and climate change) researchAvailable2018 PhDRJ Cox
Wu, BinhuaTime-variant hybrid stochastic interval uncertainty analysis of concrete-filled steel tubular arch structuresAvailable2018 PhDW Gao
Yang, YangFinite Element Analysis of Thermal Upheaval Buckling of Concrete PavementAvailable2018 MEMA Bradford
Zhang, Miaomiao Enrichment, isolation and characterization of phenazine-1-carboxylic acid (PCA)-degrading bacteria under aerobic and anaerobic conditionsAvailable2018 PhDM Manefield
Zhang, Yang Understanding Wildfire Patterns in the South-Eastern AustraliaAvailable2018 PhDS Lim
Ahmadian Fard Fini, AlirezaOptimizing Crew Performance through Integration of Human Resource Strategies into Planning of Construction ActivitiesAvailable2017 PhDST Waller & A Akbar Nezhad
Alac Barut, RukenSpace observation and Coulomb Stress Change Modelling: application to the Izmit earthquakeAvailable2017 MEC Rizos
Arbis, DavidModelling the Strategic Interactions of Driver ManoeuvresAvailable2017 PhDV Dixit & TH Rashidi
Asefi, HosseinOptimal site selection and location-routing for a sustainable integrated solid waste management systemAvailable2017 PhDS Lim & M Maghrebi
Bertuzzi, Robert Rock mass properties for tunnellingAvailable2017 PhDKD Douglas
Chen, KaiStochastic modeling and geometric analysis for vision-based indoor navigationAvailable2017 MEJ Wang
Chen, GuangwuCity-scale carbon footprint accounting and mitigation analysisAvailable2017 PhDT Wiedmann & M Hadjikakou
Choudhury, DipayanCMIP5 Decadal Predictions: Implications for Australian HydrologyAvailable2017 PhDA Sharma
Dang, Jin JerryInvestigation on Serviceability and Durability of Geopolymer Concrete Using Embedded SensorsAvailable2017 MEJX Shen
Dunlop, MarkQuantifying poultry litter conditions and relationships with odour emissionsAvailable2017 PhDR Stuetz & P Blackall
Eghdamirad, SajjadAssessing the impact of uncertainty in hydrology through numerical climate modellingAvailable2017 PhDA Sharma & F Johnson
Hammad, Ahmed Reducing Urban Noise Pollution Through Multi-Objective Optimisation of Site Layout and Facility LocationsAvailable2017 PhDA Akbarnezhad & D Rey
Hartanto, DavidDurability of FRP-Steel Lap JointsAvailable2017 PhDE Hamed
Hassan, M. MahmudulClimate change adaptationAvailable2017 PhDBL Peirson
Hassanieh, AmirhosseinDevelopment of steel-timber composite system for large scale constructionAvailable2017 PhDH Valipour & SF Foster
Hayes, James EmersonThe effect of arduous odours on the communityAvailable2017 PhDR Stuetz
He, KeNumerical Modelling of Cracking in Embankment DamsAvailable2017 PhDC Song
Jayakumar Nair, DivyaLogistics of Surplus Food Rescue and DistributionAvailable2017 PhDV Dixit & TH Rashidi
Jian, SisiUnderstanding and Optimising Carsharing SystemsAvailable2017 PhDV Dixit & ST Waller
Jiang, ChaoHydraulic fracturing through 3D printing and lattice modellingAvailable2017 PhDN Khalili & GF Zhao
Karki, AlexImpact of parking types & time restrictions on urban parking choice behaviourAvailable2017 MEV Dixit & T Rashidi
Kim, SeokhyeonImprovements and Applications of Satellite-Derived Soil Moisture Data for Flood ForecastingAvailable2017 PhDA Sharma & F Johnson
Li, JingwanCorrecting model bias to allow assessment of climate change impact on design rainfallsAvailable2017 PhDA Sharma & J Evans
Li, XiangAdvanced characterisation of dissolved organic nitrogen in drinking water sources impacted by algae and the potential formation of nitrogenous disinfection by-productsAvailable2017 PhDSJ Khan & R Henderson
Li, ZeyuVision based mapping and navigation: modelling, geometric analysis and quality controlAvailable2017 PhDJ Wang & C Rizos
Li, DonxuThe behaviour and design of demountable connections to promote the reduction and reuse of structural steel in steel and composite buildingsAvailable2017 PhDC Song
Liu, QingxiangCoastal change monitoring with multispectral satellite imagesAvailable2017 PhDI Turner & J Trinder
Mao, Tuo Intelligent Transport System Based Freeway Management and ControlAvailable2017 PhDV Dixit & C Chen
Masoumi, SaeedTowards engineering the epoxy and cementitious materials at the nanoscaleAvailable2017 PhDH Valipour
Naseem, BushraEcohydrological modeling for streamflow predictionAvailable2017 PhDA Sharma
Payan, Meghdad Study of small strain dynamic properties of sands and silty sandsAvailable2017 PhDA Khoshghalb & N Khalili & K Senetekis
Peterson, MarkThe radioactive-stable tracer diffusion method to quantify diffusive losses in fractured rocks and heterogeneous aquifersAvailable2017 PhDD Cendon & M Andersen & RI Acworth
Pflugrath, BrettQuantifying stressors and predicting injury and mortality in fish passing downstream through weirs and turbinesAvailable2017 PhDWL Pierson
Saket, ArvinBreaking for 2D and 3D gravity wave groups in deep and transitional waterAvailable2017 PhDWL Pierson
Shammay, Ariel TalFoul Air Contaminant Removal in Sewer Odour Control SystemsAvailable2017 PhDR Stuetz & E Sivret
Sufian, Adnan Multi-Scale Characterisation of Heterogeneity in Granular MaterialsAvailable2017 PhDA Russell
Sun, YingyingIron-mediated oxidant production under conditions relevant to both natural aquatic and neurological environmentsAvailable2017 PhDTD Waite & A Pham
Tang, WangwangWater Treatment by Capacitive Deionization (CDI): Non-Faradaic and Faradaic ReactionsAvailable2017 PhDTD Waite
Tang, YatingPrior information and multi-objective analysis in Bayesian ecohydrological modelingAvailable2017 PhDLA Marshall
Wang, KaiExtracellular electron transfer by marine and freshwater phytoplankton: implications to iron transformations and oxidant productionAvailable2017 PhDTD Waite
Wei, WangThe effect of an artificial destratification system on the water quality of Chichester Reservoir - the role of organic carbonAvailable2017 MEM Andersen
Wen, TaoMethodologies for Origin-Destination travel demand estimation within a strategic traffic assignment modelAvailable2017 PhDST Waller & L Gardner
Xiang, TingsongThe Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method for Plate StructuresAvailable2017 PhDC Song
Xiao, WeiFe(II)-catalyzed Transformation of Iron (Oxyhydr)oxides in Abiotic and Biotic SystemsAvailable2017 PhDTD Waite & M Bligh
Xing, Guoweiffect of pH and chloride on the kinetics and mechanism of copper transformation and associated production of oxidative products in aquatic systemsAvailable2017 PhDTD Waite
Yeung, Anna Chi YingThe role of iron in regulation of the freshwater cyanobacteria Microcystis aeruginosa and Cylindrospermopsis raciborskiiAvailable2017 PhDTD Waite & B Neilan
Yu, HuijieThe Role of Graphene in Improving Photocatalytic Properties of Immobilized AgCl Photocatalysts and Biomimetic High Valent Iron-oxo Catalysts: Preparation, Characterisation and Evaluation towards Contaminants DegradationAvailable2017 PhDTD Waite
Yuan, Fang Cross-shore beach morphological model for beach erosion and recoveryAvailable2017 PhDRJ Cox
Zhang, XiangMulti-objective network design: Road capacity expansion and multi-modal recharge facility locationAvailable2017 PhDST Waller & D Rey
Zhou, PeiyuanEnhancing Precise Point Positioning with global and regional ionospheric modelsAvailable2017 PhDJ Wang
Alqurashi, Muwaffaq Awadh OModelling and quality control for 3D UAV mappingAvailable2016 PhDJ Wang
Asadi Zarch, Mohammad Amin Aridity and Drought in a Non-stationary ClimateAvailable2016 PhDS Bellie & A Sharma
Ataei, AbdolrezaA low-carbon deconstructable steel-concrete composite framed system with recyclable beam and slab componentsAvailable2016 PhDMA Bradford
Bai, YunCoupled thermo-hydro-mechanical (THM) model for multiphase flow through deformable porous media with double porosityAvailable2016 PhDN Khalili
Bracs, Melissa AnneEfficient monitoring of sandy shoreline variability at the regional scale.Available2016 PhDI Turner
de Burgh, James MatthewModelling and analysis of concrete building and tunnel structures in fireAvailable2016 PhDSJ Foster
Do, Duy MinhStochastic Interval Analysis of Structures in the Presence of Uncertain FieldsAvailable2016 PhDW Gao
Figueroa, Ligaya LeahSpatial modelling for understanding the correlation between school facilities and academic performance in the PhilippinesAvailable2016 PhDS Lim
Gharib, Mohammad MahdiTime-dependent numerical modelling of corrosion initiation in reinforced concrete structures under projected climate change impactsAvailable2016 PhDSJ Foster
Halloran, Landon James SzaszHeat tracing in the variably saturated shallow subsurfaceAvailable2016 PhDM Andersen & G Rau
Hasan, Mohammad MahadiRadar rainfall estimation: consideration of input and structural uncertaintyAvailable2016 PhDA Sharman & F Johnson
Hashemiheidari, SeyedkomeilStructural response and mitigating techniques for long-span cable-stayed bridges subjected to blast loadingAvailable2016 PhDMA Bradford
Henderson, Ian Edward JamesUse of innovative anchors for composite action in rehabilitated steel structuresAvailable2016 PhDB Uy
Howe, DanielBed shear stress under wave runup on steep slopesAvailable2016 PhDI Turner & C Blenkinsopp
Khan, Mahbub HossainBehaviour and design of composite columns coupling the benefits of high strength steel and high strength concreteAvailable2016 PhDB Uy
Khan, Mohammad Zaved KaiserModelling seasonal rainfall forecasts forced with improved predictive ocean surface temperatureAvailable2016 PhDA Sharma
Kobayashi, YumiHolistic Environmental Health Impact Assessment: Hybridisation of Life Cycle Assessment and Quantitative Risk Assessment using Disability Adjusted Life YearsAvailable2016 PhDG Peters & S Khan
Le, Hung VietFate of volatile sufur compounds in odour bagsAvailable2016 PhDR Stuetz
Liu, YoutianInSAR phase unwrappingAvailable2016 MEL Ge
Lu, XueqingThe effects of sound and priming on user safety decisions in virtual construction simulatorsAvailable2016 MESR Davis
Lui, Gough YumuInvestigating photovoltaic-powered light-emitting diode based disinfection of water for point-of-use applicationAvailable2016 PhDD Roser & R Corkish
Ma, XiaomingInvestigations of Reactivity of Nanoscale Iron Particles for Degradation of Chlorinated Organic Contaminants in SeawaterAvailable2016 PhDTD Waite
Maheshwari, PradeepExperimental and computational investigation of the formation, transformation and reactivity of iron oxides in wastewater treatmentAvailable2016 PhDTD Waite
Moalafhi, Ditiro BensonA framework for dynamical downscaling of global reanalyses for hydrological applicationsAvailable2016 PhDA Sharma & J Evans
Norzahari, Nur FadhillahStem Classification and Modelling from Lidar for a Semi-Automated Forest InventoryAvailable2016 MES Lim & R Turner
Pell, Steven EdwardErosion of rock in spillwaysAvailable2016 PhDWL Peirson & K Douglas
Rana, Mohammad MasudThe effects of bond and anchorage on the behaviour and design of composite slabsAvailable2016 PhDB Uy
Rocheta, EytanOn Low-Frequency Rainfall Variability Bias in Climate Model SimulationsAvailable2016 PhDA Sharman & J Evans
Saputra, Albert ArthaA scaled boundary polyhedral element for three-dimensional analyses.Available2016 PhDC Song
Sepasgozar, SamadTechnology adoption decision making in construction management.Available2016 PhDSR Davis
Shakeel, KiranModelling mode and route choice behaviour with adaptive data collectionAvailable2016 MET Hossein Rashidi & ST Waller
Shirowzhan, SaraDevelopment of 3-D urban form metrics using lidar in GIS environmentAvailable2016 PhDI Turner & S Lim
Tang, Yi Numerical Modelling of Shallow Foundations in Unsaturated SoilsAvailable2016 PhDH Taiebat
Teo, Tiffany Li LeeChemical contaminants in swimming pools: Occurrence and health risk assessmentAvailable2016 PhDSJ Khan
Tsarev, SergeyUranium interactions with reduced iron species: electron transfer between uranium and Fe(0)-Fe(II)-Fe(III) in natural clays and nanoscale zerovalent ironAvailable2016 PhDR Collins
Wasko, ConradContinuous rainfall simulation in a warmer climateAvailable2016 PhDA Sharma
Wijayaratna, Kasun PradeepaModelling disrupted transport network behaviourAvailable2016 PhDV Dixit & ST Waller
Wijesiri Pathirana, IndikaUse of innovative shear connectors in construction and rehabilitation of steel-concrete composite beamsAvailable2016 PhDB Uy
Yang, ChengweiInterval elastoplastic analysis of structuresAvailable2016 PhDS Tangaramvong & W Gao
Yousefnia Pasha, AminStudy of water retention curve for deformable porous mediaAvailable2016 PhDN Khalili & A Khoshghalb
Aghighi, HosseinMarkov random field models for classification of remote sensing data and super-resolution mappingAvailable2015 PhDJ Trinder
Amin, AliPost Cracking Behaviour of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete: From Material to StructureAvailable2015 PhDSJ Foster
Chen, XiaojunDevelopment of the scaled boundary finite element method for dynamic soil-structure interaction analysis in the time domainAvailable2015 PhDC Song & C Birk
Duell, Melissa Strategic Traffic Assignment: Models and Applications to Capture Day-to-Day Flow VolatilityAvailable2015 PhDL Gardner & ST Waller
Hossain, Sumaiya BushraRock dynamics. Discrete element method; stress wave propagation.2015 PhDG Zhao
Huang, YueNonlinear long-term behavior of high-strength concrete wall panelsAvailable2015 PhDE Hamed
Jiang, Wei Seamless precise positioning through the integration of satellite, terrestrial ranging and inertial technologiesAvailable2015 PhDC Rizos
Karna, Barun LalAdvanced characterisation techniques to assess seawater organic matter removal by dissolved air flotation (DAF)Available2015 PhDP Le Clech & R Henderson
Kearney, Edward Tah DahThe design, application, and assessment of rapid-response airborne lidar for monitoring of storm induced beach erosionAvailable2015 PhDI Turner
Khezri, ManiGeneralised RKP-FSM and its application in analysis of thin plates with abrupt rigidity changes and generally laminated composite platesAvailable2015 PhDMA Bradford
Liu, LiRoad Extraction from Airborne Lidar Data and Integrated Remote Sensing DataAvailable2015 MES Lim
Luo, KaiLong-term analysis of structural behaviour and stability of concrete-filled steel tubular archesAvailable2015 PhDW Gao & Y Pi
Mahmud, KashifNumerical methods for characterizing highly heterogeneous aquifer formationsAvailable2015 PhDG Mariethoz & A Sharma
Parvez, Md Ahsan Fatigue behaviour of steel-fibre-reinforced concrete beams and prestressed sleepersAvailable2015 PhDSJ Foster
Shao, YouA fusion approach to building-boundary extraction using airborne LIDAR data and multi-spectral imagesAvailable2015 MES Lim
Shi, XueNondeterministic long-term behavior and stability analysis of concrete-filled steel tubular (CFST) structures with uncertaintyAvailable2015 PhDW Gao & Y Pi
Shutova, YuliaMonitoring of organic matter in drinking water treatment systems using fluorescence spectroscopyAvailable2015 PhDR Henderson & A Baker
Vazquez Campos, XabierGeomicrobiological aspects of the (bio)leaching of weathered low-grade uranium oreAvailable2015 PhDB Neilan & TD Waite
Wang, LiliEnantiospecific fate of polycyclic musks in biological wastewater treatment processes and the environmentAvailable2015 PhDSJ Khan
Wang, BeiChemical assessment of emissions from sewage collection facilitiesAvailable2015 PhDR Stuetz
Wang, KeThe applicability of mathematical morphology algorithm for tropical cyclone eye and water body boundary extraction in SAR dataAvailable2015 MEJ Trinder
Wu, DiInterval analysis framework for structural safety assessmentAvailable2015 PhDS Tangaramvong & W Gao
Xin, YongjiaEffect of calcium and iron(III) on membrane fouling under conditions typical of submerged membrane bioreactor treatment of wastewatersAvailable2015 PhDTD Waite
Yin, PeijieMicromechanics of multiphase flow in fractured porous mediaAvailable2015 PhDG Zhao
Zhang, ZhenghuaPhosphorus removal and membrane fouling and cleaning in iron-dosed submerged membrane bioreactor treatment of wastewatersAvailable2015 PhDTD Waite
Zhu, Jianbei In-Plane Nonlinear Localised Lateral Buckling of Pipelines and Rail Tracks under Thermal LoadingAvailable2015 PhDM Attard
Agarwal, AnkitBehaviour of Steel-CFRP Adhesively Bonded Connections under Thermal LoadingAvailable2014 PhDSJ Forster & E Hamed
Allis, Michael JamesThe speed, breaking onset and energy dissipation of 3D deep-water wavesAvailable2014 PhDWL Peirson & M Banner
Alvarez Gaitan, Juan PabloComprehensive development of process, hybrid and consequential life cycle inventory models with demonstration in the water industry chemicals sectorAvailable2014 PhDS Moore & G Peters & M Short
Boland, DanielFe(II)-accelerated Fe(III) oxyhydroxide transformation: geochemical controls and implications for contaminant reductionAvailable2014 PhDD Waite & R Collins
Chiong, IreneThe development of a polygon based numerical technique for structural analyses: The Scaled Boundary PolygonsAvailable2014 PhDC Song
Cholathat, RattanasudaMapping the Impact of CO2 Sequestration Using NDVI Time-series from Multi-sensor Optical Satellite DataAvailable2014 PhDL Ge
Chowdhury, Morsaleen ShehzadA non-deterministic fracture analysis tool by extending the scaled boundary finite element methodAvailable2014 PhDC Song
Ershadi Esmaeilabadi, AliEvapotranspiration: application, scaling and uncertainty.Available2014 PhDM McCabe & J Evans
Esfahani Kan, MojtabaSeismic Deformation Analysis of Earth and Rockfill Dams.Available2014 PhDH Taiebat
Gholamhoseini, AlirezaTime-Dependent Behaviour of Composite Concrete SlabsAvailable2014 PhDRI Gilbert
Gui, YilinDesiccation cracking in unsaturated soilsAvailable2014 PhDN Khalili
He, DiBiotic and abiotic interactions of silver nanoparticles: Aggregation, dissolution and reactive oxygen species generationAvailable2014 PhDTD Waite
Islam, Md KamrulStochastic Modelling for evaluation of impacts of headway variability of public transit performanceAvailable2014 PhDU Vandebona
Jiang, YipingReceiver autonomous integrity monitoring schemes for global navigation satellite systemsAvailable2014 PhDJ Wang
Kaboli, Seyed AlirezaCost and emissions analysis of earthmoving operationsAvailable2014 PhDDG Carmichael
Khajeh Samani, AliDuctility In Reinforced Concrete Columns.Available2014 PhDM Attard
Khan, UroojA new framework for process based computationally efficient semi-distributed hydrological modellingAvailable2014 PhDA Sharma & N Tuteja
Li, ChaoFracture analysis of Piezoelectric composites using scaled boundary finite element methodAvailable2014 PhDC Song & W Gao
Liu, NengguangDynamic analysis of vehicle-bridge interaction system with uncertain parametersAvailable2014 PhDW Gao
Ma, TianOxidant generation on photolysis of silver chloride suspensions: implications to organic contaminant degradationAvailable2014 PhDTD Waite
Ma, JianjunCoupled flow deformation analysis of fractured porous media subject to elasto-plastic damageAvailable2014 PhDN Khalili
Maghrebi, MojtabaUsing Machine Learning to Automatically Plan Concrete Delivery DispatchingAvailable2014 PhDST Waller & C Sammut
Mazumder, Maruful HasanThe anchorage of deformed bars in reinforced concrete members subjected to bendingAvailable2014 PhDRI Gilbert
Mohamad Abas, Fairul ZahriStrength of Fibre Reinforced Concrete Composite Slabs with Deep Trapezoidal Profiled Steel DeckingAvailable2014 PhDRI Gilbert
Moon, SungkonDynamic control of supply chain quality to improve process performance in constructionAvailable2014 PhDL Bernold & S Davis
Park, Hong JooAnalysis of full waveform airborne LIDAR remote sensing data for the individual tree inventory in Australian forestryAvailable2014 PhDS Lim
Rahnamayie Zekavat, PayamPerformance assessment of agile communication in constructionAvailable2014 PhDL Bernold
Rancic, Aleksandra SanjaReconstruction of bore hydrograph trends in fractured rock aquifers using data mining techniquesAvailable2014 PhDRI Acworth
Salimzadeh, SaeedNumerical modelling of two-phase fluid flow through deformable fractured porous mediaAvailable2014 PhDN Khalili & GF Zhao
Siew, Yung Jhien RenardEvaluating and Enhancing the Impact of Sustainability Reporting Tools (SRTs)Available2014 PhDDG Carmichael & M Balatbat
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